Hello - Jorun

Jorun Sofie Fallmo Aartun


City where you live:
Torshov, Oslo

Describe yourself in five words:
Involved, sensitive, geeky, whimsical and happy.

What do you do?

I am a journalist in "Dagens Næringsliv" (Today's Business). I write about fashion in the paper edition; this involves lifestyle articles with a stress on business- or the lack of it. I also cover real estate. Every now and then I write Comments, this is something I would like to do more often.

What interests you?

My boyfriend, work, friends and family. I've always been pretty ambitious, and impressed by people who achieve things. Sometimes I get completely absorbed into my own projects, and my curiousity is a strong driving force.

Which internet pages do you first check when you turn on your computer?
Mail, ceveral international financial papers, wwd.com and style.com.

What magazines/newspapers do you read?

I get a lot of inspiration from The Financial Times, and The New York Times, and run through The Economist for ideas for my writing. As a real magazine junkie, I read Cover, Eurowoman, Vanity Fair, italian Vogue, Numero, LOVE, Vogue International. Norwegian magazines I read are Elle and Costume- and of course DN/D2!

What inspires you?
I think Vanessa Friedman, the fashion editor of The Financial Times, is fantastic! She has credibility, integrity and writes intelligent fashion journalism. I have interviewed her on several occations, and get completely starstruck each time! Generally I get inspired by weird, strong, wise and engaged people. Magazines, films and my very fine friends are great inspirational sources too.

What does clothes/fashion mean to you?

I have always been fashion-conscious, and would indeed like to dress up each day! Personally I find it important, when it comes to fashion, to value quality, so I avoid chain stores. As a journalist I find it interesting to write about new trends and phenomenons. That being said, fashion can also be superficial and dull, it depends on the angle you take on it.

Where do you buy your own clothes?
I do alot of shopping abroad, especially in New York. The list is long, Opening Ceremony and Barneys among the favorites. I also like the vintage stores on Lower Eastside, though the clothes there are overpriced and smell like an old lady... I also shop alot at Urban Outfitters- the US's hipster K-Mart! In Oslo I shop at Acne, Koma, Kemt, and Freudian Kicks. Secret Society is a shop of international standards.

What is your own wardrobe favorite?
A black velvet dress from Helmut Lang, and my Acne "Float" dress. Would rather always wear a nice dress, and try to legitimize my shopping as financial investments. My boyfriend has banned any new bag purchases since we bought a new apartment. I also fancy high, exclusive heels. My favorites is a stone coated pair of Miu Miu.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how well do norwegians dress?

My dice says 2. There are people who dress really well in certain circles, but they are not many enough to raise the average. I think norwegians really suck in style... Take one trip to Gardermoen and you are reminded that the norwegian people are not very style aware.

Who's Norways best dressed, and why?

Åse Kleveland always looks like a million dollars to me. Among the fashionistas I think Vanessa Rudjord dresses really well, without trying to hard. I also have to mention my cool friend Rikke who works at Acne- she is the style icon of Seljord!

Why do you think fashion has gained attention in Norway during recent years? Norwegians are more updated than before, and international fashion bloggers are the new opinion formers. Norwegian media focuses on trends and celebrities, but not so much on the international fashion industry. Fashion as a subject is often underrated, I would like to see norwegian journalism take a more critical eye on fashion, and put it in a bigger perspective. The norwegian fashion industry has indeed become more professional, but we still have a long way to go to having a great fashion scene. To quote Jonny Johansson from Acne: 'Art and industry- that's what it is all about'.

What music do you listen to right now?

Born Ruffians, I'm from Barcelona, Regina Spector, Angus & Julia Stone, Crosby, Still & Nash, She & Him, Lisa Mitchell, Wand, Ryan Lindsey and Broken Family Band. (I still have a pounding indie heart for Ezra Koenig in Vampire Weekend).

Where do you go out to party?

Bonanza, Fisk og Vilt, Aku Aku, Tilt and Robinet. Prefere to sit in a bar on weekdays, and love wine! We often invite people over for dinner, and sometimes we don't make it to the city at all. After closing hours I pour my boyfriend some whisky to make him play the guitar or ukulele.

Recommend a book:

"The Process" by Kafka must be the worlds most anxious reading experience. Other favorites are "Shyness and Dignity" by Dag Solstad, and "The Picture of Dorian Grey" by Oscar Wilde. This easter I giggled my way through the dark book "Collective Suicide" by the finnish author Arto Paasilinna.

What is your hidden talent?

I wanted to be a ballet dancer as a child, and I still like to think that I rock the double pirouettes.

What's the next great thing?

Babyshower, botox and anal bleaching.

What provokes you?
Arrogant, average, petty and generally stupid people.

Ask yourself one question?
As a journalist I am anxious about being interviewed myself. But, because I am very absent-minded, I depend on asking myself practical follow-up questions all the time.

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ElecTrond sa...

hun burde nappe unibrowsa til han klovnen.

tea-bear sa...

hahahaha, "Take one trip to Gardermoen and you are reminded that the norwegian people are not very style aware"?? Gardermoen!? Jeg tror jeg ALDRI har lagt merke til en spesielt kult kledd på G-moen. Kanskje jeg ikke er der i "hip hoursene" mellom 13-15 da alle de dyre avgangene går..

Anonym sa...

smarte jenter, det liker vi. flott:)

Anonym sa...

Ja ja huff.....er hun nerd eller gjør hun seg sånn! Ikke akkurat stil med stor S :(

Anonym sa...

Bevisst, intelligent og veldig søt. Heia Jorun!

Rachel sa...

I love this girl.

Ida Caroline sa...

Digger Jorun! Ho er kjempe pen! Elsker øya hennes!