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Jeanette Hoff loves mixing what's vintage and what's new, and would like to see people more conscious about clothes. Tonight she opens a vintage shop online, offering elegant, hand-picked vintage clothing from London, New York and Paris. Read more about her and the inspiration behind Elegantly Waisted.

Jeanette hunting for new treasures at Brooklyn.

How did you become a fashion stylist?

Intentionally, I wanted to become a veterinary, because I love animals, but realized after some time that fashion was my true passion. I moved to London and studied Fashion, Promotion and Illustration at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design. Throughout the studies I assisted several stylists and after my studies I built work experience at British Vougue, Wallpaper and Dazed & Confused.

One of Jeanettes many stylist jobs for magazines.

How long have you worked with fashion?

I completed my bachelor in 2003, assisted in London one year and moved back to Norway in 2005 to work here. I thought it was easier to work in Norway with an attractive education from London, than the other way around, and thus decided to move home.

Where do you find inspiration?
My mother was always stylish and very much into fashion. When I was a child she always tried new trends and design on me. I find a lot of inspiration in people around me, my friends, international fashion and style magazines, photo, art and my surroundings. Bianca Jagger, Jerry Hall and Catherine Deneuve are some of my style icons.

Why do you open a vintage webshop?
I want people to be more conscious about what they're wearing. Whatever people wear it is a statement, and why not take part in inspiring that statement. You can find a whole lot of good vintage to supply to your wardrobe, and create a more personal and specific style without it being too expensive. One challenge is the mixing, for instance 70s and 80s vintage with more non-exclusive clothes. I would like to see my customers wear these fantastic clothes that I love.

What kind of items will your webshop offer?
In my webshop I will sell unique, handpicked clothes and accessoires from Paris, New York and London. Elegante and stylish pieces from the 70s and 80s. I have collected items throughout the years, with this shop in mind. They are items that I have found at markets in Europe and the US. Some of these treasures are also from my mom.

Who would you like to see as your customer?
As many as possible. Especially those who are interested and curious about vintage. I would like my clothes to have a nice home, and I am looking forward to seeing people in these treasures.

Who are your favorite designers?
My absolute favorites are Stella McCartney, Chloe, YSL, Miu Miu and ACNE. Because they are all elegant, feminine/masculine, sophisticated and true to their esthetics.

What fashion magazines do you read?
I am inspired by and read Danish Cover, I.D., LOVE, POP, 10, Paris Vogue and British Harper's. They have great fashion spreads, exciting layout, amazing pictures and interesting articles.

What does the website look like?
My website is not typically vintage. I wanted it to look modern and clean. Anette L'Orange and Anna Julia Granberg, from the Oslo based "blunderbluss", have designed the page, and managed to stick to the essence of my consept by creating a feminine, minimalistic and clean expression.

When does your website open?
The launch party for Elegantly Waisted is held at Pigalle on march 25th. Several dj's will play funky beats from different decades and we will have a performance with some of my favorite clothes from the webshop. The party starts at 21 hours.

(Text: Anna P.Sætereie, Photos: Elegantly Waisted)

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